Tech and people

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Life was better when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. Learning was easier until the same apple fell on Newton’s head. Has evolution and upgradation always been problematic to human society or is it the inability of humans to understand it is bringing troubles? What really happened is what we need to concentrate on.

Not to mention, technology has accelerated humans life. Some thousand years ago, when someone wanted to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet, the person needs to tie a bit of paper (writing on it a piece of message) on the legs of a pigeon and direct it to the destination. Now, communication has become so easy. A worldwide app with a mountain bluebird as its logo has the ability to start global trends, allow people to communicate with strangers, tag unreachable personalities, post their opinions and whatnot?

Pic courtesy : google

The best thing about today’s technology is its speed. I would say, the worst thing about this is also its speed. The Hustle culture especially in the IT industry has taken over the world and is already causing a lot of stress to the working class. The term has become a toxic motivation that pushes people to work and grow richer. Everyone is put in the position to adapt themselves to the ever-developing technology which makes our lives less lived. Not everyone knows that life cannot be lived at 242.1mbps speed which is the speed of 5G technology.

The current YouTube trend is highly scary to me. People are ready to post the so-called “home tour” videos sparing their privacy and personal space. I could see YouTubers documenting almost everything that is happening in their life. Recently, I came across a video on a youtube channel owned by a couple that has around 2 million subscribers. The video is about a woman who is sick and is crying over her Postpartum issues. This was filmed and posted by her husband himself on their YouTube channel. I was totally clueless as to who would want to make use of someone crying their heart out, film it and make it money-minting content.

pic courtesy : Google

This is giving me the opinion, that people are using technology to any extent to make money. The problem is not in the evolution of technology but in the people who are misleading it just to earn a living, become popular and make life complicated.

I don’t say apples and Blackberrys could have only stayed as fruits but they could have been limited by us as just “tools” that were able to make life simpler.



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